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Are you aware that your smile may be suffering from a bruxism disorder that could go undetected for years? Your teeth can suffer severe harm at the hands of a bruxism disorder long before it is even known.

Bruxism is an oral health condition that causes a person to grind, gnash, and gnaw their teeth together, often while unconscious or asleep. Usually, bruxism is more commonly found in patients with misalignment issues or malocclusions, but it can still damage teeth in individuals who have straight teeth. For more information to determine if you have bruxism, look for the following symptoms:

– You have been told that you snore loudly or grind and gnash your teeth while asleep.
– Your jaw muscles are sore and painful when you wake up in the morning, or feel worn down even as the day goes on.
– The inner lining of your mouth is damaged from being chewed on through the night.
– Even though teeth can be damaged in a variety of ways, if you have any teeth that have been chipped or cracked with no explanation why, or if your teeth tend to be wobbly and loose, bruxism may be to blame.
– Your jaw frequently locks up and fails to fully open and close.
– Your tooth enamel is worn down so badly that you experience an increased level of tooth sensitivity.
– Bruxism can often result in your tongue featuring abnormal indentations.
– If you experience the sensation of an earache, but it isn’t in your ear, bruxism may be causing it.
– If your teeth have a dull, horizontal appearance to them, bruxism may be the cause.

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