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Your tooth enamel is an amazing defense against bacteria. But bacteria can be strong attackers. This wonderful mineral can repair your dental armor so it is better equipped against bacteria.

There are two main methods for exposing your teeth to fluoride: systematic fluoride and topical fluoride. Systematic fluoride refers to the kinds of fluoride that can be ingested. Many foods are partially comprised of small traces of fluoride. Some U.S. cities put fluoride in their tap water and some companies put it in their bottled water. You can even buy fluoride supplements at your local drugstore. Examples of topical fluorides are fluoride toothpaste, fluoride mouthwash and fluoride treatments at Henderson Family Dental.

If your tooth enamel is broken down, fluoride treatments can be a great solution. Conveniently, we can do it at the end of a dental checkup, which often takes just a few minutes. You will be directed not to eat, drink or rinse your mouth for at least 30 minutes so the fluoride can do its work its magic.

In healthy daily doses, fluoride is an excellent resource for your smile. To obtain a fluoride treatment from Dr. Nathan Schwartz and his competent staff, you can phone us in Henderson, Nevada at 702-564-2526. Call us today for a healthier and better smile!