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A dental cavity is a hole that forms when the tooth enamel becomes damaged. If the cavity goes untreated and develops beyond the tooth enamel into the inner chamber, it can infect the pulp and lead to tooth loss. You can stop a cavity in its tracks by receiving a dental filling from Dr. Nathan Schwartz. Here are some of the facts on how dental fillings defeat cavities:

– Dental amalgams are a metallic material that is ideal to treat large, oversized cavities, especially on the back teeth. Tooth-colored fillings are known as composite dental fillings, and they are often reserved for smaller cavities and cavities on the front teeth.

– You can choose a composite filling over amalgam if you are concerned about mercury and would like a mercury-free dental filling.

– Composite dental fillings may be the better choice if you want a dental filling that matches the natural color of your tooth enamel. While amalgam fillings include a metallic finish that stands out in your smile, composites can be shaded to the color of your teeth.

– Amalgam fillings need to be removed and replaced if they become damaged, but composite fillings can often be repaired without removing the full filling, providing your smile with more conservative treatment.

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