Defeat Cavities With Dental Fillings

A dental cavity is a hole that forms when the tooth enamel becomes damaged. If the cavity goes untreated and develops beyond the tooth enamel into the inner chamber, it can infect the pulp and lead to tooth loss. You can stop a cavity in its tracks by receiving a dental filling from Dr. …. Read more »

Fluoride Treatments and Your Tooth Enamel

Your tooth enamel is an amazing defense against bacteria. But bacteria can be strong attackers. This wonderful mineral can repair your dental armor so it is better equipped against bacteria. There are two main methods for exposing your teeth to fluoride: systematic fluoride and topical fluoride. Systematic fluoride refers to the kinds of fluoride that… Read more »

Got Denture Questions? We’re Happy to Help

If you want to improve your oral health and enhance your smile with dentures but you’re hesitant because you have questions, our dental team is happy to help you. We understand that dentures can seem a bit complex if you don’t know much about them. However, they’re actually simpler than you might think. To give… Read more »

Preparing Your Smile for Bruxism Treatments

Are you aware that your smile may be suffering from a bruxism disorder that could go undetected for years? Your teeth can suffer severe harm at the hands of a bruxism disorder long before it is even known. Bruxism is an oral health condition that causes a person to grind, gnash, and gnaw their teeth… Read more »

If You Have a Crown Fall Out, You Need to Seek Timely Dental Care

Dental crowns are secured onto their anchor abutment with a strong dental cement. However, there are times when an accidental blow to the face or poor oral hygiene habits can weaken this connection. When this happens your dental crown could fall out. In a situation like this, you need to call as soon as possible… Read more »

Small Dental Cavities Can Often Be Treated with a Standard Dental Filling

If you are inconsistent with you daily oral hygiene regimen or you have a bad habit of putting off your checkups, you are at an increased risk of getting a cavity. Once this happens you might feel a change in texture, color or increasing sensitivity in the tooth. If diagnosed early, Dr. might be able… Read more »

Fall in Love With Your Dental Bridge

Do you feel self-conscious about your smile? If so, we have good news for you! If you suffer from one or more missing teeth, a dental bridge could be an excellent option for you. Here at in , , we are happy to talk to you about dental bridges and how they can vastly improve… Read more »

Waterpiks and Your Oral Health

You may have heard that keeping your teeth clean is important when tackling issues like gum disease and tooth decay. Similarly, you might know that brushing, flossing, and scheduling an appointment with our dentist once every six months are important steps you’ll need to take to keep your pearly whites clean. However, would you be… Read more »

Measures Against Occlusal Cavities on Back Teeth Are Important

As your child grows up, their 20 primary teeth are gradually shed and replaced by a complement of 32 permanent teeth. Since these teeth will have to last for the rest of their lives, it’s important to take measures against tooth decay when they’re young. Obviously, instilling good oral hygiene habits is the first line… Read more »

Tooth Replacement Services for Missing Teeth

Is your mouth suffering from issues relating to missing teeth? Have your speech and eating habits been impaired by the loss? If so, there are many types of tooth replacement services available that can provide lifelike alternatives that can look and act in much the same way that your natural teeth once did. has a… Read more »