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Even if you care well for your teeth, you could experience an injury or oral trauma that damages a tooth to the point that it needs to be removed. Reasons to have a tooth removed include a bad accident, advanced oral infection, unsuccessful root canal procedure, an impacted wisdom tooth or overcrowded teeth that need orthodontia. If you are in need of having a tooth removed, we invite you to learn about the tooth extraction process and what is involved.

With the use of dental X-rays, we can reveal the severity of the damage and determine if a tooth needs to be removed. The procedure for a tooth extraction is typically performed as an outpatient visit.

To ensure your comfort, we numb the area of the tooth that will be removed using either a general anesthetic or local sedation, especially if you need to lose several teeth or have an impacted tooth. To help you remain comfortable after surgery, Dr. Nathan Schwartz can prescribe painkillers, anti-inflammatories and antibiotics, especially to keep infection at bay if you have a weakened immune system.

You will want to eat a soft food diet during your recovery, which can take one to two weeks depending on the nature of your surgery. As the empty space in your smile heals, bone and gum tissue will fill the area. If you need to have the tooth replaced, we may recommend a dental restorations such as a dental bridge, dental implant or dentures.

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